Equal opportunities

Accessible parking

At our site there is an accessible parking area, it is 3.60 (2.10+1.50)m x 5.50 m including the 1.5m wide walking lane.

Toilet and bathroom for disabled

There is 1 disabled toilet and lavatory on the ground floor corridor; it is equipped with the necessary handlebars, signalling and operating device, a Mosaic type nurse call system.


In our hotel we provide 1 accessible room with a Mosaic type nurse call systemboth in the room and in the bathroom and toilet connected to the room.

Info signs, tactile map, loud map, mobile induction loop

In the hotel area information boards help you find your way around. These tabs, supplemented with braille writing, make it easy to find orientation for blind and partially sighted people by using clearly visible pictograms. The same goal is supported by a tactile map, oraudio guided map: you can request an audio player at the reception, which provides information on available services, which makes it easier to access the facility.

There is a mobile induction loop, which can help the hearing impaired guests and visitors.

Jaws for Windows Professional is also available for blind or partially blind guests.

Tactile elements built into pavements are helping to prevent accident free pedestrian traffic.